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Sticky: What is bikeyoga?


Bikeyoga ??  What a funny idea – is this a joke ?! No, it isn`t!
Doing  BIKEYOGA  means to do stretching and balancing exercises
with and on your bicycle.
You can also do most exercises while riding your bike.

When you ride your bike a lot  you are strengthening your muscles.
Stretching helps to make them grow and is helping you to feel better.

It helps your body to stay flexible and is also increasing your body-awareness.
If you keep in mind some of these exercises,
you can easily practice while waiting for green light.
Or you just take a few minutes after your ride.


possible side effects of BIKEYOGA:

•    increase of harmony with your bicycle
•    enhancement of riding confidence
•    improvement of cycling skills




SATURDAY 27.August 2016 / 1 pm

@ progress festival, Pürbach, Waldviertel NÖ



TUESDAY 22.September 2015 / 3pm

@ Rasen am Ring – WORLDWIDE CARFREE DAY Vienna


FRIDAY 6.September 2015, at.tension festival  / 6pm

@ workshop-place, Flugplatz Lärz, Deutschland

MONDAY 17.August 2015 /  11am

@ Karlsplatz Vienna, meeting point: in front of the church / Karlskirche

special guests:


MONDAY 4.Mai 2015  /  8:30am

am Nachhaltigkeitstag der BOKU Wien,

@ Schwackhöferhaus, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien -18; Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33


MONDAY 22.September 2014 / 3:30pm

@ Rasen am Ring – WORLDWIDE CARFREE DAY Vienna

RING FREI: Rasen am Ring & CICLOVIennA


double feature*

SATURDAY 14.September 2013 / 1pm

SUNDAY     15.September 2013 / 5pm

@ MAK garden RADKULT FESTIVAL 2013, Vienna


11.-14 June 2013 / 7:30 am

@ Rathauspark Vienna  VELO CITY CONFERENCE

Velo City Vienna 2013


 July 2011 / BIKEYOGA  is born

@ cyclocamp Ottensheim AUT


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